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Incorporating an In-Law Suite in a Custom Home Design

Incorporating an In-Law Suite in a Custom Home Design

Thinking of incorporating an in-law suite into your custom home design? Check out these tips.

The benefits of an in-law suite are plentiful. It doesn’t necessarily require a list to display how fruitful this housing plan can be, however, as its advantages are built right into its definition, design, and possible uses. If you are building a custom home in Maryland, Viking Custom Homes can help make your wish a reality. Below is more on incorporating an in-law suite in a custom home design.

What Is an In-Law Suite?

An in-law suite, also known as a mother-in-law suite, in-law apartment, granny flat, or granny annex, is an attached or detached unit sufficient to accommodate one or two individuals. A bed and bath are must-have amenities, though a kitchenette is also high on the priority list. Some will also include a laundrette, a sitting area, and perhaps a small outdoor living area, like a patio. In some cases, the suite will have a separate, private entrance.

Tips for In-Law Suite Design

If you intend to include this type of housing in your custom home, it is best to incorporate it into the plan from the start. With this criteria in mind, you can more easily allow it to flow with the rest of the home design and utilities, especially if it is attached. A room over the garage with its own bath is one way to incorporate a private, livable residence, but the downside is its accessibility. Some ways to get around this is to build an apartment off of one side of the house, outfit the basement, or build a detached annex. No matter what, it should be a comfortable, full-service living space for your loved one(s) to be independent yet connected through their own comfortable home.

Uses for an In-Law Suite

An in-law suite will significantly improve a custom home’s value with the added amenities and potential for multiple uses. Aside from saving a fortune on assisted living costs to house a family member, one can also use it as a homey place for guests, your recent college graduate, or for renting out. If no one is living there at the time, it can become your own studio for music, art, or whatever else you love.

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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