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Adding a Wet Bar to Your Home

Adding a Wet Bar to Your Home

If your custom home has a basement, consider adding a wet bar.

If you have a basement, you have a room waiting to become an entertainment center for family and friends. For holidays, sports games, family game nights, and every get-together in between, a basement is the perfect spot for gathering. And what gathering is complete without food and drinks? Here’s what to consider in adding a wet bar to your home. 

Wet Bar vs. Dry Bar

A wet bar is a food and drink station that includes plumbing, so one can add a sink and other appliances to the design. A dry bar can serve as a snack or serving station and does not have plumbing. A dry bar is much more limited and does not have the same advantages and value as a wet bar.


As for the layout, there are several options. First, you will have to decide whether or not to have a walk-up or sit-down bar. Will you be eating and drinking in different areas of the room, or mainly at the bar? While the preparation area lines the wall, the bar itself is usually either straight and parallel to it or forms a U, L, or curved shape.


Lower and upper cabinets are typical as well, and under-counter storage is particularly trending. The more storage you create, the better. Open shelving is also becoming more popular, giving the preparation area a clean and minimal look.


If you have high-traffic at the wet bar and a large family or many guests, you might want to add a full-size refrigerator to the design. Otherwise, a mini-fridge often works well enough. This area is more or less a mini kitchen, though people also might add a wine or beer fridge.


Countertops can be the showpiece of the wet bar. The options are endless. Tile, granite, stone, glass, concrete, wood, and steel are just some of the choices. Ultimately, your decision will depend on the overall style you are going for.


Pendant lighting over the countertop is a classic that works well to define the area and comes in boundless styles. Meanwhile, recessed lighting and LED lighting work well to light up specific areas in the prep space. For extra mood, one could add under-counter lighting.


Lastly, one will choose the flooring based on its style and functionality. If cleaning up spills and crumbs is your concern, you might want to install a stone, tile, concrete, wood, or laminate floor.

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