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8 Ways to Ensure Better Home Security

8 Ways to Ensure Better Home Security

Keep your beautiful custom home secure with the best solutions.

Anticipating entering your brand new, custom home is more than exciting. You’ve picked out all the custom features, rooms, and materials and can’t wait to see it come to life. While all this makes the home, one should always remember that security measures are necessary to protect it. As part of your custom home design, consider these eight ways to ensure better home security.

Solid Doors

According to the latest data, a surprising 34% of burglars enter through the front door. No sneaking around to the windows or back of the house; they just go for a frontal attack. Select a solid front door that can sustain a potential intruder’s blows. Some doors with large glass panes are shatterproof, stronger than the locks themselves.

Reliable Locks

Deadbolts are the primary feature of your home’s exterior security. Interior locks give further security, should the exterior one be broken. Viking Custom Homes offers the keyless entry pad for front doors, which has plenty of benefits such as efficient access and monitored usage.


Light casts out darkness without a fight. Burglars who find themselves suddenly under a bright light for the neighborhood to see might think twice before proceeding to break in. Electrical and solar lights exist, with advanced capabilities so you can save electricity during the day.

Security Cameras

As part of their whole home security package, Viking Custom Homes offers audio security cameras and advanced wiring. Cameras placed at key points around the exterior can deter intruders, while indoor ones record break-ins. 

Security Alarms

Cameras are silent and deadly, but alarms tell all. At the sound of the alarm, your whole family can know of danger at once, along with the neighborhood. Your burglar will be more likely to run off at once.

Clear Entryways

Besides installing the proper technology to deter and catch intruders, there are other, simpler ways to lessen the chance of an invasion as well. One is to keep the front entryway clear of foliage that robbers could hide behind.

Man’s Best Friend

Another tactic is to get a family dog that can protect you. A dog fiercely barking can both alert the family and warn the burglar, while being a beloved part of the clan. If you cannot have a pet, installing an alarm with barking sounds can also be nifty.

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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