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What Is a Farmhouse Style House?

What Is a Farmhouse Style House?

Could a farmhouse style home be right for you? Viking Custom Homes can make it a reality.

When choosing the design for a custom home, you have numerous styles from which to choose. It’s your chance to have a fresh new start to the kind of house in which you live. While traditional, modern, and craftsman style homes remain popular and have their merits, the farmhouse style house is also a contender and could be an excellent option for you.

Clapboard Siding

As for the farmhouse style house exterior, one will likely see it with clapboard siding. Clapboard siding is made of wood overlapping panels that are usually horizontal, but some designs have vertical portions as well.


Farmhouse style homes typically have simple roof designs. Gables are one of their most common features and can vary in size.

Large Front Porch

Traditional farmhouses naturally sat on rural farmland. They had a wide view to take in. Perhaps this is the reason why this style comes with a large, covered front porch. If you live on a spacious property, a covered front porch could be a fantastic feature.

Large Windows

When looking at various examples of classic and modern farmhouses, you may notice that they come with wide windows and doors. The more light, the better. The house might also be south-facing.


This style often has a simple rectangular shape, but it can come with an outbuilding like a shed, annex, or garage. Naturally, it would serve as the barn on actual farms. Having a separate building could make a great in-law suite or studio.

Large Kitchen

You can also expect a large kitchen in which to prepare a feast fit for a king and entertain plenty of guests. You’ll likely see an open floor plan for the main floor in this model, which can help brighten the home even more.

Natural Finishes

Interior design often comes with natural finishes like hardwood flooring, beadboard walls, and other rustic elements. This is more so with the classic farmhouse look; the modern farmhouse will include more glamorous elements like metal and glass.

Light Colors

The farmhouse style house is often light-colored inside and out. One goes for “natural and bright” rather than “dark and dramatic.” However, with your custom home, you can paint it any way you want.

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