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Open Floor Plan vs. Closed Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan vs. Closed Floor Plan

While the open floor plan continues to be ever-popular, the closed floor plan also has its benefits.

The open floor plan has been around for decades, inciting popularity among homeowners, homebuilders, and real estate agents. Synonymous with contemporary or modern home design, the open concept design has its advantages. At the same time, the open floor plan is not for every family. The closed floor plan is a strong rival, also complete with its pros and cons. To help you determine what’s best for your family, here are the pros and cons of each.

Open Floor Plans

Ease of movement: In an open floor plan, in which several areas combine into one space, it is much easier to move from place to place. Without extra walls and hallways to weave through, you can swiftly cross from your dining room into your kitchen into your living room.

Line of sight: Line of sight is an especially important component in home design for those caring for young children, aging parents, or loved ones with special needs. Parents and caregivers can keep an eye on their loved ones while doing other daily tasks.

Easy to Clean: Because there are fewer and broader floor spaces to take care of, cleaning is easier and quicker to accomplish. 

Easy to Socialize: One of the best parts about an open floor plan is the ability to socialize more. If you and your family are in different parts of the house, you can still interact with each other. If you enjoy entertaining, an open floor space is for you.

Higher Resale Value: Because of its popularity and contemporary feel, buyers are more drawn to open floor plans than not. If your house has this type of floor plan, you can sell it at a higher price.

Closed Floor Plans

Contain messes: Meanwhile, the traditional closed floor plan also has its advantages. For example, if you invite guests, you can take care of the clutter or mess by simply closing the door to that room. 

Contain smells: One of the problems that a closed floor plan avoids is the transfer of smells throughout a space. Having separate rooms keeps odors away from other living spaces.

Privacy and Quietness: While an open concept home invites socializing, your introverted family may want just the opposite. A closed floor plan allows you to have separate spaces where you can find privacy and quietness.

Designated Spaces: Having rooms that can close off also lets each space have its own purpose, as opposed to mixing many purposes in one.

Room to Decorate: With more walls, there’s more room to decorate with photos, paintings, and more.

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