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Five Common Custom Building Mistakes to Avoid

custom home building

Before getting elbow-deep into the process of building your new custom home, check out these tips!

A custom built house is a dream for many. Who doesn’t love the idea of a house built to suit their own wishes, fancies, and personality? Before you start the easily overwhelming endeavor of custom home building, be sure to not fall into the many pitfalls that can open up as you begin the most important step: the planning.

Buying Before Budgeting

Just as location is everything, so is land. Land is a complicated material, involving the quality of the ground (steep slope, porous soil, possibility of sinkholes) and building regulations. Find out the cost of building before you bring out the bulldozer.

Designing Before Budgeting

Likewise, beware of thinking up all the best and greatest design ideas from your imagination without thinking first of your limits. What can you do within a set amount of resources? While it may seem limiting, the limits are just what is needed to ensure a quality home within the bounds of what is responsible and reasonable for you. It can even lead to some even more innovative design ideas than you first had in mind.

Engaging the Architect Without the Builder

The architect is the person to go to in order to help put your vision onto paper–one more step toward its reality–but you also need the brains of the builder to figure out, once again, what a design will really cost. Involve the builder to pair theory with material, as the builder will help sort out cost regarding everything that pertains to the building side of custom home building.

Forcing a Design into a Property

Coming back to the design end of things, a quality design considers the space in which it is going. If you have your ideal parcel of land, but have an equally gorgeous design idea that unfortunately doesn’t do justice to the land, some revisions will have to be made. And major revisions to a design are not desired.

Making Changes During Construction

Simply enough, ensure you have an established and triple-checked plan before you get to custom home building. Once you do though, your dream can finally be well on its way to becoming a reality.

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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