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Different Ways to Heat Your Home

Different Ways to Heat Your Home

You have more than one option for heating your custom home! Check them out here.

In building a new custom home, the design, style, and location of the place are probably your greatest concerns. Perhaps less thought of but just as important to consider for the design is how the house will be heated. In Maryland, the weather may not always be as cold as some other regions, but the winters can certainly go well below freezing from time to time. There are several different ways to heat your home, some of which you might have never before considered.

Central Heating System

When you think of a home’s heating system, the central furnace, running on natural gas, electricity, or steam typically comes to mind. This is the type of system most North American homes have. Through a configuration of ducts and vents throughout the home, the furnace blows warm air to all the different rooms in the house.

Solar Panels

An alternative way to the central heating system is the use of solar panels. This method is becoming more prevalent and more affordable than one might expect. Instead of taking heat from the outside air, solar heating takes its heat from the sun. This method has a great return on investment and is considered to be very eco-friendly.

Geothermal Heating

Another different yet fairly common method of heating a home is geothermal heating. This method cools and heats the house through the earth. In this system, a heat pump takes heat from the earth while dispelling cold air back into the ground. It is quiet, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. The reliably steady temperature of the earth keeps the house’s temperature stable.

Radiant Floor Heat

Especially if you have a well-insulated house like a passive solar house, radiant floor heating is an efficient and pleasurable heating solution. Electric or hydronic systems enable cabling underneath the floors to keep your feet warm. This method keeps heating equipment out of the way of furniture and traffic and reserves heat within the home.

Wood-burning Stove

For a rustic yet equally efficient heating system, a wood-burning stove can do wonders in keeping either a part of or your entire home warm. With the proper build, installation, and fuel, your home can remain comfortable for long hours, night and day, without the need for constant supervision. A well-made stove can heat up a place in no time.

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