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Tips for Winterizing Your Custom Home

Tips for Winterizing Your Custom Home

Winterizing your custom home is the best way to enjoy a cozy winter!

By November or early December, the cold sets in in Maryland. The time has come to hunker down in your beautiful custom home for the winter. The best way to ensure your winter is a cozy one, there are indeed several ways to maintain your home. Winterizing your custom home is a normal part of your home maintenance routine; here are some tips to make it a breeze!

Cleaning the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is not everyone’s favorite task, but it is one of the best ways to winterize your home. Gutters stopped up with fall leaves and debris eventually cause flooding in homes; when the water cannot drain properly, it trickles down by the foundation, something no one ever wants!

Checking the Furnace

Next, you will want to make sure the furnace is in good condition. As part of regular home maintenance, it can be helpful to inspect the furnace in the fall so that you won’t be left with an unexpectedly cold house in winter! Even so, every Viking Custom Homes house comes with high-efficiency HVAC appliances suited to your home. 

Insulating Windows & Doors

You can also expect to enjoy wonderfully-made doors and windows and help create a snug and sound home. While you can expect exceptional quality, it remains a fact that windows and doors are where heat escapes the most. As the years go by, you will want to make sure that no gaps form around them and insulate them with weatherstripping, caulk, and possibly some thermal curtains.

Winterizing the Irrigation System

The landscaping is another area of your custom home that needs special attention. Winterizing your custom home also means winterizing the irrigation system that waters your plants. Without removing all water from these pipes, the pipes could freeze and crack. 

Protecting Garden Beds

Plants also need winterizing in the form of pruning, removing dead foliage, and mulching. The goal is to get rid of pests and plant diseases, clean up foliage from fall and summer, and incubate bulbs against freezing temperatures.

Decking the Halls

One can also winterize one’s custom home in a different way. Make it festive with family photos, comfortable furnishings, and holiday decorations! It is the perfect time to dress your home for winter.

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

Are you ready to bring your dream home to life? Enlist the difference of Viking Custom Homes, Maryland’s trusted home builder of high-quality single-family homes for more than three decades. With over 30 years of experience and a reputation of excellence in over five Maryland counties, we offer the highest standard of customer service and quality assurance for your new home. If you are looking to build on one of our beautiful homesite offerings or on your own lot, we are eager to help you every step of the way towards building your dream home. Let us bring your dream to life by building a home where life unfolds! Contact us online or call today at 410-977-2188 to speak with a member of our trusted team. You can also visit our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for more information.

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