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Should Your Custom Home Have a Finished Basement?

Should Your Custom Home Have a Finished Basement?

Finished basements are worth the investment for the present and the future.

A custom home can have many features aside from the basic ones, such as a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. While many details can abound, particular rooms might be additions you’ll want for your new construction home. One of these rooms is the basement. Should your custom home have a finished basement? 

Extra Space

No matter what kind of bonus room you intend to have, it is always a plus to have additional space. If you no longer need your bonus room for one purpose, it can always fill another. An extra room such as the basement will be a plus in your home value down the road and of value to you in the present.

Rec Room

If you choose for your custom home to have a finished basement, you can use it for far more than just storage. A finished basement is one of the best ways to create a rec room, a place removed from the home that can safely host parties, movie nights, and games. 

Guest Room

Otherwise, your finished basement could work well as a guest room. Either it could be the ideal place for visiting family and friends to stay, or it could be a place where your older child might move to have a greater sense of independence. With a high reputation custom home builder like Viking Custom Homes, you won’t have to worry about basement issues such as temperature control, humidity, or dampness.


From a business perspective, a basement could work as your built-in rental. Add a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a sliding door to your basement, and you have a fully-functional unit that you could lease out to your adult child, a friend, or anyone you want. Remember that this idea works best if it has a door directly leading to the outdoors. Even if the basement is fully under ground level, your builder could include a stairway just outside.

Anything You Want

Keep in mind, should your custom home have a finished basement, it can be whatever you want. A home office, a library, a homeschool station, or a dance floor, it’s all up to your imagination and lifestyle.

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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