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5 Kitchen Floorplans to Consider for Your New Custom Home

5 Kitchen Floorplans to Consider for Your New Custom Home

Kitchen floors plans are an essential part of the space where you cook, bond with family, and entertain guests.

Kitchen floors plans are an essential part of the space where you cook, bond with family, and entertain guests. Kitchen floor plans determine how you’ll move throughout your room and carry out day-to-day activities. It also impacts the process of hosting special gatherings. The best layout depends on the available space and how much convenience and organization you crave. For example, if you consider yourself a certified chef, having your spice rack right near the stove makes sense. Let’s explore five different kitchen floor plans to include in your new custom home.

L-Shaped Kitchen Floor Plans

This kitchen layout is the most common. It’s a space saver and offers flexibility in where you’ll situate your workstations. An L-shaped kitchen floor plan lets you place a table in the center of the room, putting your family and guests close to all the culinary action. You can fill this area with a kitchen cart to expand storage and meal prep space. In addition, the sink, dishwasher, and stove tend to align along the same wall to create a large work triangle. 


Islands are trendy and work well in L-shaped kitchen floor plans that measure at least 10×10 and open to another area. In other words, islands are best installed in open floor layouts the best. You can also add convenience to this structure by adding a cooktop or sink to the island. It’s also convenient to add built-in storage and drawers to kitchen islands to open the counter space for meal preparation. In addition, most homeowners add barstool seating to their kitchen islands to aid in entertainment. 


U-shaped kitchen floor plans are best for cooks that appreciate a lot of counter space for meal prep. If you opt for layout, it’s important to remember to spread appliances out and consider a half-wall to open the room up to adjacent space. 


Cabinetry and appliances are on two sides, with a corridor running down the middle. This layout is indeed one of the most visually unique. However, it’s best for a homeowner who can stay organized while not working with much space. A pullout tower pantry, pantry cabinet, or full pantry might have to be adjacent to the area to create additional storage space. Initially, this layout benefited multiple cooks on ships and trains. 


The “p” stands for a peninsula. The layout comes from L and U-shaped kitchen layouts, extending one stretch of the countertop into the room to create a peninsula. If you need additional workspace without occupying a lot of space, this kitchen floor plan achieves that. 

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