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Different Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Different Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Here are several ways to keep your house cool and save on some energy bills.

While there are certain ways that one can keep a house comfortably warm, there are also ways to keep a house comfortably fresh. Check out the following ways to keep your home cool.

Blinds and Curtains

Simply closing the blinds is an effective way to reduce heat in the house as well as air conditioning bills. The sun’s rays that come into a home can increase the house’s temperature a lot more than one might expect. Insulating or black-out curtains do even more to keep heat out and cold air indoors. 

Closed Doors and Vents

If you have unused rooms in the house or are not using a particular space for most of the day, you can close the doors to these rooms to maximize the air in the rooms where you are the most during the day. If you have a central air conditioning system and keep downstairs most of the day, you could close the vents to the upstairs rooms also to keep cooler where you are.


Perhaps more applicable to bedsheets and clothing, cotton is your go-to material for hotter months. Cotton fabrics throughout the home will help to keep things breathable. Flannel and fleece may be better for the winter, but cotton trumps polyester any day.

Fan in the Window

With a well-built home, the house’s temperature should remain relatively stable throughout the year. However, if you need the extra ventilation, you can open a window, place a fan facing outward, and let it blow the hot air out of the desired room.

Fan and Ice

There’s a simple way to create a billowy breeze of cool air in any room. You’ll need a fan and a mixing bowl filled with ice or ice packs. Angle the bowl towards the fan and let the fan blow the chilling air from the ice your way. 

Exhaust Fan

The bathroom can be the greatest collector of warmth and moisture. Turn on the exhaust fan or get one installed to relieve your air conditioner and yourself from a hothouse. 

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