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Why Maryland Is a Great Place to Live

Why Maryland Is a Great Place to Live

Living in Maryland, one has many reasons to be proud.

Maryland pride is no joke. There are many reasons why native Marylanders love their home state, aside from it being their home. Maryland is known as “America in Miniature” for its great geographical diversity and is also diverse and unique in many other ways. For those who call Maryland home, one can list at least several reasons Maryland is a great place to live.

The Weather

Maryland weather is more temperate than the northern, southern, or western United States. Just off the coast of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, its eastern half enjoys a subtropical climate with much sunshine and balmy air. Its western half has an oceanic climate and, farther west, a humid continental climate. Its western mountains and eastern coast give Maryland a variety of climates depending on your location, so there is something for everyone’s preference.

The Nature

While you enjoy the balmy breeze of the east or the mountainous air of the west, you can also take in the scenery. Although Maryland is home to urban and suburban areas, it also has plenty of nature parks, beaches, hiking trails, flora, and fauna. The Appalachian Mountains to the west and the Bay are features in themselves.

The Community

Maryland is the fifth most culturally diverse state in the country. Maryland has untold pockets of communities that bind people together through culture, shared values, and shared interests. One can find an abundance of high-ranking public and private schools, thriving religious establishments, and community events.

The History

Maryland might be small, but it is by no means insignificant. It wears its badge as one of the original 13 colonies proudly and is chock-full of historical sites large and small. It is rich with historical landmarks and sites such as the Maryland State House, Fort McHenry in Baltimore, and St. Mary’s City, just to name a few.

The Housing

There’s no place like home. Housing in Maryland is also attractive, with affordable costs and high income rates compared to national averages. Existing homes are an option, but so are custom homes, which you can build in a subdivision, a single plot, or on your own land. Viking Custom Homes services Frederick, Howard, Carroll, and surrounding counties. When building a custom home in Maryland, you have a chance to work with us!

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

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