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What Is Broken-Plan Living?

What Is Broken-Plan Living?

Broken-plan living falls between the open-concept and closed floor plans.

When seeking a new home, homebuyers have some big choices to make upfront. For some, it is a choice between buying an existing house or having a new one built. The value of building a custom home is that you get to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. When you go this route, your next big decision, aside from location, will likely be layout. Open floor plans have been the standard for many years, replacing earlier styles that created several smaller, distinct rooms. However, open floor plans lack privacy and a clear separation of space. Broken-plan living can be a happy medium for those looking for something in-between. 

What Makes It Broken?

Broken-plan living is a way to use architectural features to break up an open floor plan without losing its spacious feeling. It achieves this goal through both permanent and temporary structures or partitions. These breaks in the floor plan are never full walls, so they don’t actually close off areas, but they provide a sense of delineation and some privacy. 

Half Walls

Half walls aren’t a new design feature, but they’re making a comeback. These walls only rise about 3 feet, providing delineation of space without blocking airflow, light, or sightlines. They are also a great place to add storage, texture, or a color accent to a room.

Glass Walls

Glass walls are a stylish means of adding privacy without blocking light. The glass can be clear, or tinted, frosted, or etched for more visual privacy. 

Sunken Floors

A sunken room is a great way to make a unique, defined space without any obstructions to light, air, or sound. This layout feature is an excellent option for a kids’ area or playroom since nothing will be blocking your sight, and the sunken floor can help contain toys. In some layouts, though, a sunken room defines a living room or dining room.


Finally, furniture is an easy, non-permanent way to block out spaces in your home. Use larger pieces to define the outline of a room, such as a sitting area. Bookcases and screens are other options for defining space with a temporary fix. It can also be a way to test out broken-plan living in an open plan home without committing to construction. 

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