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What Are the Best Kitchen Flooring Options?

What Are the Best Kitchen Flooring Options?

Kitchen flooring is all-important in kitchen design. Here are just a few options for 2022!

The kitchen takes the most brutal wear and tear in the house. Every day, traffic comes through for a myriad of snacks, meals, drinks, and chores. With all that usage, having the right flooring is essential to maintaining the integrity of your kitchen. The right flooring can make a difference in providing comfort, durability, and style. Below are some of the best kitchen flooring options for your custom home.


In the past, many have said that hardwood is one of the least desirable kitchen flooring options because of wood’s susceptibility to stains and warping from water damage. However, today’s hardwood floors can withstand the water and grime much better through advanced sealers and preservative qualities.


Bamboo is actually a type of grass, not wood, but it is another natural material that is great for the kitchen. It is environmentally friendly due to how well it grows in the wild and has a strength that rivals steel. Its light color gives a room a natural and clean feel to it.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a statement of luxury in a kitchen. While natural stone is common for countertops, one can use the same material for the flooring. Types of natural stone include marble, granite, limestone, slate, travertine, and sandstone. Depending on the type, one will likely need to seal it occasionally to keep it from stains.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is another highly popular choice. If you are looking for a durable tile that is not too terribly priced, ceramic could be the tile for you. One can have both durability and countless style options, as ceramic tile can come in many bright and bold patterns. The only drawback is that it is cold underfoot, which one can mitigate with rugs or radiant heat.


If you want the classy, warm look of hardwood flooring or natural stone but minimize the possibility of water damage, then vinyl flooring is worth considering. Vinyl and luxury vinyl is designed with both durability and style in mind.

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