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The Rise of the Rancher: One Level Living in Modern Home Design

Simple and beautiful in design, these one level homes are a perfect fit for anyone looking for an open concept space with all rooms on the same floor.

While two-story and tri-level home designs have dominated the housing market for the past decade, the past year shows the start of the one level living revival, in which homebuyers of all ages are now gravitating towards rancher style homes. Simple and beautiful in design, these one level homes are a perfect fit for anyone looking for an open concept space with all rooms on the same floor. If you are looking to build your next home with a rancher design in mind, trust the experts to craft the home that is perfect for you and your family.

Why Consider a Rancher?

A design dating back to the early 1920s, this classic home design offers a perfect alternative to multi level homes with features that may be troublesome for baby boomers and families with young children. Although earlier ranchers and single level homes were often confined to suburbs and designated neighborhoods, they are now expanding to open lots with more land, making them even more appealing for family life.

One Level Open Floor Plans

The rise of the rancher and one level living seems to be moving in tandem with the rise of the open floor plan, a rising trend in home buying and building. Open floor plans typically consist of a two rooms, a kitchen and a living room combined, as a single living space for entertaining and a streamlined design. These larger rooms have become especially marketable for families with young children, serving as spaces where the entire family can get together in a larger shared room for everyday use or special occasions throughout the year.

A Custom Design for Your Family

In designing the perfect home for your family, Viking Custom Homes seeks to understand the unique needs of your family, as well as the trends that you love and prefer in your home. By working with one of our experts to bring your dream to life, you can create a practical and beautiful home design with features that are sure to last your family a lifetime.

Let us be Your Trusted Maryland Home Builder

Are you ready to bring your dream home to life? Enlist the difference of Viking Custom Homes, Maryland’s trusted home builder of high quality single family homes for more than three decades. With over 30 years of experience and a reputation of excellence in over five Maryland counties, we offer the highest standard of customer service and quality assurance for your new home. If you are looking to build on one of our beautiful homesite offerings or on your own lot, we are eager to help you every step of the way towards building your dream home. Let us bring your dream to life by building a home where life unfolds! Contact us online or call today at 410-977-2188 to speak with a member of our trusted team. You can also visit our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for more information.


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