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Entrance Hall Ideas for Custom Homes

Entrance Hall Ideas for Custom Homes

An entrance hall can truly set the tone.

A custom home captures the personality and taste of those who dwell in it. It reflects the mood and the lifestyle of the owners. When first approaching a custom home, one is met with the facade. After this, one usually comes through the entryway. The entrance hall is a typical part of the modern home where the family and guests alike can file through and make themselves at home. Below are several entrance hall ideas to make yours truly custom.

Bold Style

The entrance hall sets the tone for the entire house. It is meant to be like the first pages of a book, letting you know what to expect when you explore further. Don’t be afraid to go bold in style in the entrance hall with colors and patterns of your choice. It’s a great place to utilize dark, dramatic colors, wallpaper, and whimsical colors alike.

Practical Mudroom

If you have a family of growing children, a practical mudroom might be a great choice. The entrance hall can be a mudroom itself or have one attached to it. This arrangement would include shelving, seating, and wall hooks for coats, shoes, and bags. If you have a pet, it could also include a washing station.

Art Gallery

If you are an art lover, the entrance hall is perfect for displaying your beloved art collection. Many homes use this area as a home art gallery, setting the color scheme and tone. Creating a gallery at the entrance is also a great way to wow your guests and immediately add interest to your home.

Statement Piece

Another option is to make this area stunning with a statement piece. One can do this with a statement staircase, a large chandelier, or a center table with a bouquet or sculpture on top. These three options are all a classic way to tie the entrance hall together.


For practical measures, it is not a bad idea to include at least one side table and chair in the hallway if there is room. It gives a place for guests to sit immediately and a place for your keys. For more entrance hall ideas for your dream home, make Viking Custom Homes your custom home builder!

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