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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors 2022

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors 2022

Explore these exterior color trends and tips for 2022!

One of the last elements in completing a custom home design is the first that people will see. The exterior paint color of your home can pack a load of personality and style and add overall beauty to the neighborhood. Choosing exterior paint colors in 2022 takes careful consideration, but you can be confident in your choice with the following tips.

Exterior Paint Color Trends

In general, exterior paint color trends in 2022 remain similar to those of 2021. One can expect to see natural, earthy colors dominate the fashionable home exteriors. If you are looking for a neutral color palette, one can easily go monochromatic or gray with an undertone matching that of your exterior stone or brickwork. Common colors other than white or gray include various shades of blue, green, yellow, and brown. 

Tips for Choosing Exterior Colors

All in all, you will need to choose colors for your siding, trim, and accent pieces, such as the front door. If your custom home has exterior stone or brickwork, you may limit yourself to only two other color choices, one for the siding and one for the trim and accents, but using three other colors is just as doable. 

If you would like your custom home to include exterior stone or brickwork, make sure that your other colors complement the colors within that stone or masonry. For example, it could have gold, green, pink, blue, purple, or orange undertones. Pulling from the undertone will help you make a pleasing exterior color scheme.

One should also take the effects of natural sunlight into account. Natural sunlight has a very cold color temperature and makes everything appear a lighter color. Therefore, one should lean toward warmer tones and darker shades than one would expect. Testing these colors on your home’s exterior or through an online visualizer will help you with your decision.

If you have neighbors nearby, make sure you are not painting your house in the same color scheme as theirs. It is also important to make sure your home’s exterior paint colors are harmonious with your neighbors’ to avoid an unsightly clash. 

Whether you prefer muted, neutral tones or dark, dramatic colors, don’t be afraid to be bold! At Viking Custom Homes, you have the opportunity to design and color your home according to your preferences.

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