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4 Ways to Personalize Your New Master Bathroom

4 Ways to Personalize Your New Master Bathroom

A well-designed master bathroom has the potential to become a spa-like retreat from the everyday.

Does your master bathroom leave you uninspired? A well-designed master bathroom has the potential to become a spa-like retreat from the everyday. When you upgrade your bathroom, even small changes can make a big difference. If you’re ready for a more extensive renovation, these tips can help you create a huge impact!

Keep It Light

Even if you are working with a small bathroom, using lighter colors can help make the space appear more extensive and more open. Choosing pale blues, greens, greys, and whites can create a calming and relaxing spa-like space without too much business.

Make Lighting Versatile

From bright lighting to get ready with ease, to dim lighting for midnight bathroom breaks and relaxing soaks; having versatile bathroom lighting makes a difference. Vanity lighting is an excellent option for when shaving or getting ready but is often too bright. When possible, having multiple light sources can help you bridge the gap. Overhead lighting with dimmer bulbs or dim sconces can help create a more intimate mood.

Invest in Luxury

Upgrading your master bathroom is one way to add value to your home, so even if you’re only updating one or two aspects, a little splurging can help you in the long run. Whether you decide to opt for more high-end fixtures or keep the design simple while putting the focus on one element like a killer tub, investing in your master bathroom is worthwhile. Even if you’re not ready for a full upgrade, adding luxury finishes like high-end towels, fancy bath oils, and a cushioned bath mat — the details can make the difference.

Think About Showers and Tubs

Do you have a two in one unit? Or a separate shower and tub? Or maybe you just have a shower, there’s room for upgrades regardless of what you’re starting with, particularly if you have the floor space to expand into. Most modern shower systems come with a spa-like open feeling that’s easy to replicate without an entire replacement. If you’re stuck with a sliding shower door that sticks simply replacing the door for a more modern option can make a massive difference to the entire room.

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