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Creating Nooks in Your Custom Home

Creating Nooks in Your Custom Home

Creating a custom home allows one to add custom details, nooks included!

Open, entertainment-friendly, family spaces are always welcome in today’s custom home market, but everyone loves to have a place to unwind and relax in solitude, too. Building a custom home gives you an opportunity to have an abode where nooks run aplenty for small gatherings or private retreats. Below are several ideas for creating nooks in your custom home!

Window Seat

The window seat is perhaps the most iconic nook in architectural design. One can have a window seat under a bay window or between two bookshelves or cabinets. A built-in window seat is truly a luxury, perfect for reading a book or just watching the world go by.

Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs often goes unused. Make the most of your custom home square footage by creating a nook in this area. One option is to use it as a pantry or janitorial cabinet. Another option is to make it into an indoor dog house or a playhouse for kids. It can get quite creative!

On the Landing

With a wide landing or just one staircase on the way leading up to a loft, you can create a small nook for two or more people to sit, drink some tea or coffee, and chat. This can take a variety of forms and be as broad or cozy as you see fit.

In the Attic

The attic is a bonus room that could take on many uses, such as a bedroom, a hobby room, a home office, etc. Arguably, this often hidden away real estate could be considered a nook. Creating nooks in your custom home could reach new heights with the attic.

In the Turret

If you want a unique custom home design, consider adding a tower or turret to your floor plan. With a tower, you can have at least two levels of custom nooks. For example, the ground floor nook might be a breakfast area, while upstairs is a sitting or game area.

In the Walls

The ideas above are just the beginning of what is possible. One can create a nook in any area of the house, including the walls in a hallway or a room. They can be any shape, size, or number. 

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