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Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room

Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room

Custom homes offer the chance to create your own living room focal point!

The living room is a central room of the house, next to the kitchen. It is the place for informal gatherings, game nights, movie nights, and simply relaxing. In a custom home, one has the opportunity to design it exactly the way one wants. The best place to start is to choose a focal point. Below are several ways to create a focal point in your living room for maximum impact.


A fireplace is no longer the primary source of heat for a home, but it is an asset that many homeowners enjoy for emergency heating and even cooking. It also makes a great statement in a living room and adds a sense of stability and coziness. It is one great way to anchor a room.

Large Windows

Whether you are looking out onto a flowing river or rolling hills, large windows bring the outdoors in. Large windows that span a room can also be a focal point. One can position furniture in such a way to draw the eye to the view while still providing a comfortable gathering space. Dramatic curtains and shades offer a finishing touch.

Ornamental Light Fixture

Another way to tie up all the elements of your living room is to draw the eye upward. Viking Custom Homes can give you the ceiling decorations of your dreams with a paneled ceiling, a painted ceiling, an ornamental light fixture, or whatever you imagine. 

Accent Wall

Media Cabinet

Your living room furniture can also center around one statement wall. One can add a large piece of furniture, such as a media cabinet, to give the TV an attractive place of prominence. Around the TV, one can also store games, books, and decorations.

Gallery Wall

Some TVs can continuously stream works of art, which is one way to incorporate a TV into a gallery wall. Arranging multiple artworks on one wall above a TV or sofa can also ground your living room and add much interest.

Paint, Wallpaper, or Paneling

Lastly, Viking Custom Homes can also help you create a focal point in your living room with the simple power of paint, wallpaper, or paneling. Adding luxury texture to one wall, or even just painting it a different color, can add instant drama.

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