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Where to Splurge When Building a Custom Home

Where to Splurge When Building a Custom Home

Where are the best areas to invest in when building a custom home? Below are a few suggestions.

Building a custom home involves much planning and decisions behind the scenes. A beautiful new home is the result of careful planning, budgeting, and building. If you are interested in building a custom home in Maryland, you might wonder how exactly to space out your budget. There are specific guidelines for the budget overall, but there are places in which to splurge when building a custom home.


Purchasing a home site is one part of the custom home building process. As they say in real estate, location is the most important aspect of your custom home. One can change a house, but the location can have more significance. Proximity to schools, work, cities, amenities, and nature all make a difference no matter what kind of house you have.

Windows, Doors, & Insulation

One might splurge when building a custom home on the fixtures and finishings that make a home luxurious. However, those are items which you might prefer to save on. High-quality structural elements like windows, doors, and insulation are worth investing in for year-round comfort and energy savings.


Multiple custom home building experts recommend investing in the kitchen when building your new home. The kitchen is not only one of the most important rooms of the house, but it is also the most complex. Larger than even your master bathroom, the kitchen involves multiple materials, electrical wiring, and plumbing. It is also the most heavy-duty room of the house, the place where you deal with fire and prepare your meals. In the real estate world, a quality kitchen makes the largest impact.

Storage Space

Storage is also worth investing in. Creating closets, mudroom cabinetry, and custom storage in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and flex rooms can help you keep your belongings organized and give room for more stuff that will inevitably enter your home. 

Lifestyle Needs

The above areas in which to splurge when building a custom home are worth considering. Even so, keep in mind that it is your home, and in light of that, it might be worth splurging in areas depending on your lifestyle. Some might splurge on a home theater, a studio, an outdoor living space, a home gym, or a spa bathroom. 

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