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How to Personalize Your Bathroom Design with these 4 Easy Trends

How to Personalize Your Bathroom Design with these 4 Easy Trends

Why not make your bathroom as comfortable and enjoyable as possible?

As you build your new custom home, you have the advantage of personalizing each room in your home design, including your bathroom! Why not make your bathroom as comfortable and enjoyable as possible? Consider these four easy ways to personalize your bathroom design with these trends.

Incorporate Matte Black

You might not think that using matte black could breathe new life into your bathroom. Or did you? If you did, we applaud your forward-thinking ways. Including matte black fixtures into your redone bathroom can provide excellent contrast with other parts of the room that remain the traditional white or gray. Although this concept was realized by a fashion designer named Jason Wu, his ideas have caught on, capturing the imagination of major manufacturers such as Moen, Delta, and Rohl.

Add a Look of Intricate Tiles

No matter what size your new bathroom will be, intricate tiles can spruce up your bathroom design. By using different stones and various shapes, you can transform the floor tiles of your bathroom from something plain to something breathtaking.

Make the Most of Backlighting

Lighting is always a tricky part of any bathroom design. Why not try using the technique known as backlighting? This fascinating idea will increase the amount of light in your bathroom. It’ll also be unobtrusive, since the lights will attached to your mirrors. Make your new bathroom a warm and cozy space for some time to relax, unwind, and indulge yourself.

Simplify Your Bathroom Design

Sometimes, keeping it simple is best. One of the most intriguing bathroom design trends is the move towards minimalist designs. You’ll have much more space and openness in your bathroom, along with a delightfully contemporary look free of distracting clutter. Flattened surface areas and detached, floating cabinets are other ideas to consider including in your remodeled bathroom.

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