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3 Beautiful Floor Plan Trends for Home Design in 2018

3 Beautiful Floor Plan Trends for Home Design in 2018

Choosing a floor plan can sometimes be overwhelming when deciding on which one will work best for you.

Building a custom home is an exciting experience, as every part of your home is customized to perfectly fit the needs of your family. However choosing a floor plan can sometimes be overwhelming, with so many options to choose from as you decide on which one will work best for you. If 2018 is the year that you plan on building your new home, consider these three beautiful floor plan trends for this year that may inspire you.

Farmhouse with a Modern Twist

The rise of farmhouse-style popularity grows from the trend of clean, simple, yet chic styles in the home. With the farmhouse trend becoming increasingly popular, people now look to build homes with open floor plans, spacious kitchens, and large windows. These floor plans are often centered around one large room, including design details such as lap siding and darker windows against lighter walls or painted brick. With even more homeowners loving this trend for both building and remodeling, this trendy floor plan may be here to stay.

Versatile Spaces with In-Law Suites

Another growing trend in floor plans for 2018 is a style of homes centered around versatility for multiple generations in a household. This often includes single level floor plans with in-law suites that make each room in the house accessible to older family members in the home who may struggle with stairs. These spaces have also led to first floor master suites becoming increasingly popular for home design in the past decade, as they are not only accessible, but convenient investments for resale value.

Kitchen-Centered Design

The ever popular open floor plan in home building has also given way to the rise of floor plans that are centered around a large, social kitchen. The social kitchen trend centers the living space around a kitchen that is not only large for cooking and dining, but also entertaining as well. Features that define a social kitchen extend beyond updated appliances and into design trends such as bar-style sitting at the island so that everyone can be a part of the fun in a single space. In addition to entertaining, social kitchens are also great for everyday use, particularly for larger families with children or multiple generations in the house.

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