Building a custom home is an exciting process and we know you’ll be anxious to know what’s going on and to share the experience with friends and family. You’ll have access to recent photos, tips and maintenance schedules, and more - all from the web! Once pertinent information on your build has been loaded, you’ll be provided with your unique access code to experience the Viking Difference!

The Building Plan
Following are the major steps we will go through together to design and build your dream home, along with the approximate time it will take for each step.

Step 1 – Sales Agreements
You’ve made the decision to have Viking build your dream home. Great! The home-site and plans you have selected, along with all your other decisions will be included in a detailed specification sheet. This will be part of the sales agreement documents Viking Custom Homes and you will sign. The process for building your home has now started!

Step 2 – Create Construction Plans – approx. 15-30 days
We have our architect create a unique set of detailed construction plans for each of our customers. You may have the opportunity during this phase to request additional changes and features before the plans are finalized. Your Sales Manager will review the final plans with you before we proceed to the next phase.

Step 3 – Create Site Plan – approx. 30 days
When your home plans are finalized, we will work with you to position your home on the home-site. This involves having a surveyor create a site plan and having it approved by the County authority. The positioning of the home will depend on things like building restriction lines, grading, and septic field location, but you should be able to have some input into the exact location of the home.

Step 4 – Obtain Building Permit – approx. 30 to 45 days
When the approved site plan is ready, we will apply to the County for a building permit and wait for it to be approved.

Step 5 – Selections for your home – approx. 60 days
The Selections Coordinator at Viking will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment. You will have 60 days to make the selections on all items for your home by either visiting the vendors or using the selection materials provided by Viking.

Step 6 – Home-site Stake-Out
Close to the time when we expect to receive the building permit, we will have a surveyor “stake-out” your home-site using the site plan. This locates where the excavator will dig your home’s foundation on the home-site.

Step 7 – Construction – typically 6-7 months
Depending on our work-load, we will typically start the excavation for your home within two weeks of receiving the building permit. The timeframe we commit to for construction will be stated in your sales agreement. There will be several on-site meetings scheduled with you during the build process: Pre-construction, Electrical, Framing, Pre-Settlement and Final Walkthrough.

Step 8 - 30-Day Inspection
Your Construction Manager will contact you approximately 30 days after settlement to schedule this inspection. These items will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Step 9 - 6-Month Inspection
We will address any items that may have surfaced since the 30-day inspection. It has been our experience that any issues requiring attention at this time are usually minor.

Step 10 - 1-Year Inspection
This is the last scheduled meeting to review any warrantable items that may have surfaced during the 1st year of living in your home.

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