Included Features

No two people are alike, and nothing could come closer to the truth when you choose to build a custom home. The combination of lifestyle, traditions, values, and desires combine in infinite ways to make the selections you choose for your home unique to you. At Viking Custom Homes, we encourage you to share the things which are important to you as well as the areas of lower concern because everything matters.

Through our years of experience, we have developed 3 "Included Features" Collections from which to choose.

"The best materials out there......are in here!!!

Traditions Collection

Included Feature

Our Traditions Collection was founded upon the idea that some features for a home never go out of style. Without sacrificing the quality of our homes, we hand-selected finishes which would bring value to our home buyers. These time-tested, budget friendly features will help turn your dream of building a new home into a reality.

Heritage Collection

Heritage Collection Included FeatureHeritage Collection Included Feature

Our Heritage Collection, the basis for our outstanding included features reputation, contains a higher level of products than some builders even offer! From our finished-in-place hardwood floors to our full overlay maple cabinets, you won't be disappointed in what has been included for your new home. Compare apples to apples and you'll see what others have learned, building a custom home with Viking is the smart choice.

Legacy Collection

Legacy Collection Included FeatureLegacy Collection Included Feature

Meet our newest collection, Legacy. We took our most popular upgrade features and bundled them into a collection so that we might bring additional savings to our home buyers. What do we mean by savings? We are proud to offer a collection, which includes our innovative energy solutions. Building an energy efficient home will save you money over the life of the home! But that's not all. If you're looking for the simplest way to get more of what you want in a home, we think you'll find the Legacy Collection has everything you need and then some.

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